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Managed Services Is a proactive approach to IT. We have 3 different packages to choose from. We will monitor, manage and maintain your network like it was our own. Depending on how involved you want us to be will depend on you.

Cloud Services is a combination of several different solutions. We can host a website for you, a business phone system, your email and documents can also live in the cloud. This is just a couple ideas to get you started.

Our Help Desk is always available. When you enroll in our highest Tier Managed Services you will have a 24 x 7 Network Operations Center or “NOC” available to you 365 days a year. We know your business is important and we deliver the tools and knowledgeable staff to guarantee your business is always running at it`s peak performance!

We make sure your systems are always up to date with the latest patches and software updates. Hackers are always looking for a way to steal your information or damage your business. The number one way for them to gain to do this is by gaining access to a system resource that is not running the latest patches. This could include a device with out dated firmware. Software Programmers are always releasing updates to patch security holes. We use the most sophisticated software on the market that will keep your software and systems running at its peak!

Our remote support option gives you the flex ability to have one of our seasoned and highly trained Nerds fix your problem within minutes not hours or days. We make it easy and hassle free. All of our managed service agreements come with this feature at no extra cost.  If you need help now click the link at the top of the page marked remote support. Give us a call to explain what issue you are having and your Nerd will give you an access code. Its that easy.

Todays Threat Landscape is an ever changing mine field. Hackers are trying to steal your information and make you pay to get it back. Websites are being defaced and costing business money to repair or replace.  Charlies Nerds uses the latest and most sophisticated security solutions to help protect you and your business. We protect you with a complete end to end security solution.  All of our Managed Services Customers already reap the benefit of our End to End Security solution. Now its time you put a stop to the threats.

Your data is just as important! We partner with the best in the business for data backup and recovery. We hope you don`t ever need to recover from a disaster but if that time ever comes you want to be sure your data is safe.  Our clients that take advantage of our Managed Services are protected with data backups. We give you control over where your data is stored. You can opt in to have just local backups but we always suggest having a backup in the cloud as well. When you choose to store your data in the cloud we have many options for you to choose or you can take the hassle out and let us make those choices for you.  Like most of our services this is apart of our cloud solutions and highly customizable.