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Charles Johnson

Founder & CEO

Owner/Found, Charles Johnson, is a largely experienced IT expert with over a decade of technology experience. He has a demonstrated track record of implementing sensible business solutions that yield proven results for a wide array of clients, ranging from small businesses to major corporations. In the rapidly evolving world of technology, Charles assists clients in identifying their needs and mapping out an efficient, and cost-effective plan in order to deliver consistent results.

As a small business owner, Charles understands the value of technology in enhancing the productivity of your business, and acknowledges he is only as successful as the solutions he provides to his clients. After working for corporations and various businesses, and a lot of angst along the way, Charles came to the realization that his passion and combination of interests and skills in the technology field was a strength, not a liability and turned his dream into a reality with Charlie’s Nerds.

Charles is a Lakeland native, born and raised, which is why YOUR success IS personal to us at Charlie’s Nerds. The businesses Charlie’s Nerds service are located in Charles’ own backyard; He wants nothing more than to see small to medium size business grow, advance, and find a permanent home in his community.

In his free time, Charles enjoys traveling with his second generation “geek”, aka his nine-year-old daughter and future tech guru. When Charles and the future CEO of Charlie’s Nerds aren’t busy jet-setting to new locations and embarking on fun adventures, you can find them “nerding” out on the Playstation 4, or enjoying the newest blockbuster release. As you can see, his personal life is not nearly as exciting or innovative as the services Charlie’s Nerds provides.